Why Lyric

Everything you need to know about our Company

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You will find Lyric Labs as your natural choice for translation services. With over 10 years of translating experience and certified for ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 standards we provide native translation at 30% less cost compared to the market price.
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Well Trained Staff

Better training means better processes. Having staff that are well trained in their roles makes Lyric different in many ways.

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Established in 2005, Lyric has risen steadily over the years to become one of Asia Pacific’s leading translation services.

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Customer Support

Our average response time is 30 minutes. The Industry average is 2-3hours.

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Project Management

Our skills are unique, Better Efficiency in delivering translation services contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Translator Workbench

Our translators connect to our server and perform translation, this helps secure customer documents.

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Translator Accreditation Programs

Helps identify, improve and provide high skilled translators to our clients.

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Call us today at (+603) 9107 4588 or Email us at my-support@lyriclabs.com

We are confident that there is not another firm similar to Lyric. For nearly 10 years, we have been unique. Let's Connect
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Our Values

We believe innovation in translation and localization business is not about an individual or a tool, it is about a break through, a collective, collaborative effort, that gives more confidence for our customers that their communication is effective.

At Lyric, we have mastered the capabilities required to produce high quality translation. We know how to effectively collaborative with translators and use the right tools to achieve results for our clients.

  • Thoughtful Leadership
  • Collaborative Business Model
  • Latest Tools and Technologies
  • More than 1500 Translators
  • Experienced Project Managers